The TYLT Consumer

By Amir Parstabar
TYLT Chief Commercial Officer

You hear the term Millennial thrown around a lot these days and marketing professionals are scrambling to connect with them in an authentic way. At Tylt we know a thing or two about this emerging powerhouse with a $200 billion dollar purchasing power. Personally, I began my journey with this demo as an entertainment marketing professional in the late 90s and early 2000s when they registered on the map as the newly termed demographic Tweens. Much of the values such as cause orientations and environmental concerns associated with Millennials were core values trending with Tweens in the early 2000s. These same values have now matured with them and it’s in their DNA as they enter adult life. They can sniff out anything less than authentic when it comes to brands marketing to them and that would be to a brand’s detriment in an informed and connected consumer landscape.

At Tylt, we have a broader target demo which bridges Gen Y Millennials with Gen Xers. People these days are staying younger at heart and much of what appeals to Millennials also appeals to an older audience. Some of these values and behaviors are:

  • Freedom to pursue personal acquisitions and creative accomplishments
  • Engaging new rituals to get closer to the essence of what they seek
  • Ethical outlook on everything from production practices to the environment
  • Happiness is something they experience, document and share

The influence Millennials have had in such a short span of time has helped redefine what we want beyond what we need, or the concept of luxury. The freedom to participate in experiences and produce them as shared memories is the new LUXURY. Our products help enhance these experiences as reflected in our tagline: Powering life’s adventures.