Screen Protectors

Screen Protectors

No matter how careful you try to be, there’s always the chance of that stray pebble, that slip on that banana, or even that 2-year-old’s red crayon doing some damage. So grab one of TYLT’s revolutionary screen protectors for some invaluable insurance.
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Screen Protection

Your device’s screen is one of the most vulnerable parts, as they are constantly under attack. They receive a constant battery from keys and other items found in your pocket or purse, as they leave a myriad of scratches and indents slowly adding up over time. Screens are particularly vulnerable to falls and easily shatter when dropped from a height. Even pebbles or children can be dangerous, and repairs are costly and tedious. Screen protection products can help you more easily protect your phone from major events, and it is a lot easier to replace a protector than your phone’s built in screen. Protectors are a must for anyone with technology.

Appropriate Options*

The type of protection that you select largely depends on your current lifestyle, and there are a surprising number of options on the market. If you need some basic mild protection against small bumps and scratches, a thinner design may be the best option. These are more flexible and can be more easily integrated into your phones construction. However, they may not protect against more dramatic impact.

There are heartier options that mimic a glass consistency, and they provide more extensive protection against major shattering events. There are sizes provided for a variety of cell phones and tablets, so you can easily find an option that fits your product like a glove. It is just as important to protect your tablet’s screen, as it is to protect your phone.

A Wide Selection

Our selection of screen protectors allows you to stop in one spot and browse all the protection you need. You can find options for both tablets and phones, and detailed product information helps you find what you are looking for. Shop the selection and feel free to ask questions, as you work on finding what you need. No more costly repairs or annoying scratches and cracks with appropriate screen protection.

*(Note: Screen protectors will not prevent all types of damage)