TYLT Product ID & Color Philosophy

By Amir Parstabar
TYLT Chief Commercial Officer

The energized Gen Xers coupled with the emerging $200 billion strong Millennials demand enhanced functionality from today’s products. Smart and intuitive, designs perform several functions, responding to individuals seeking agile ways to live, work and play.

In today’s transient world, the mindful consumer demands product stories that last and extend functionality and trace the softening of technology. Organic influences are prevalent with a refined finish through the introduction of industrial processes and man-made materials.

A sense of the luxury of comfort is emphasized by calm, understated, natural products that soundly align with lifestyle brands. In parallel with nature, synthetic materials mimic natural finishes for an ambiguity that adds intrigue to form and finish. Rounded and softened curves are intersected by geometric lines, creating clean forms that hint at organic origins. Playful twists on the status quo rehouses functional tech with smart and low-tech solutions that enhances simplicity in aesthetics and enjoyment through touch that make products more approachable.

Sleek and sophisticated, black is the only color that has the ability to arouse and stir up from within such a wide variety of feelings. A color that is so tied to the context in which it appears, black can be described as foreboding, and then by contrast, as magical, mysterious and sexy or powerful, glamorous yet, practical. Black and dark shades’ intensity speak to the ultimate in chic. Modern, yet classic and stylish.

Millennials embrace adventure but much different than their previous generation. Their retreats are a group and shared event with more elements of comfort. The design approach is outdoorsy yet not too rugged. Jeep has been wooing them with new designs that are slicker and more refined. Inspired by color schemes of retro vehicle and flight jacket designs trending in fashion, this is a fresh take on a familiar ageless color combo associated with action.

A manual approach to color blocks serve to accentuate functionality and the various modalities of a product. Junctures of color between materials help establish the parameters of a product’s localized functions. Actively driven, the palette is fresh and dynamic, borrowing cues from the apparel industry and have been successfully implemented by such brands as Nike in their sneaker line. Accents and highlights are both functional and decorative.

Materials honed by superior craftsmanship redefine luxury. Sophisticated metal products are created to convey a sense of See Ultra-Refinement. Metallic combination with different materials create a minimal design aesthetic. The form of materials are appreciated as our perception of luxury evolves. Crafted metals and machined metalwork convey the efforts of the craftsman, providing a more personal connection.