TYLT Wins Three CES Innovations Awards


November 12, 2012 Los Angeles, California

TYLT, a California accessory design and development company, is on a roll. CES has honored TYLT with Innovations awards for three of their recent product introductions:

1) The BAND CAR CHARGER's futuristic silicone unibody ribbon design will charge two mobile devices twice as fast an old tangled-up car charger. People just can't seem to keep their hands off of the BAND CAR CHARGER's soft, sleek flexible ribbon design. The BAND CAR CHARGER's 2.1 Amps allows for super-fast charging of any tablet or two smart phones simultaneously. It's easy to feel, easy to find and don't worry about hiding wires anymore...you won't want to hide the BAND CAR CHARGER. Retail $39.99

2) The Y-CHARGE design goes against all convention; its squared edges vs round, its solid insulated feel vs clanky hard plastic, its compactness vs bulkiness, and its directed USB ports vs stacked ports. Rather that stacking the USB ports, the Y-CHARGE splits the USB in a fork creating the Y shape, directing the ports towards the users, the driver and the passenger, allowing for easier cable management. The Y-CHARGE's 2.1 Amps for each USB port provides the maximum charge speed today's devices will accept. Unlike bullet chargers, the Y-CHARGE is compact yet solidly substantive and easy to insert and remove. Retail: $29.99

3) The BAND WALL CHARGER design was originally intended as a compact travel charger with a simple yet innovative cable management system. However, we found people prefer the BAND WALL CHARGER to their current home chargers. The wide silicone flat ribbon band easily unwraps and rewraps in place eliminating wandering cables about your feet. The BAND WALL CHARGER allows consumer to use any wall outlet as a charge station sans unsightly cables and detracting from the aesthetic of your home or counter top area. Unlike most travel chargers, the BAND WALL CHARGER design offers the compactness of a travel charger with the flexibility and reach of a desktop charger providing the user the convenience of charging while using their device. Retail $39.99

"Consumers are weary of low grade, slow charging accessories and tangled wires that detract from their experience, from the caché of their device, from the aesthetic of their homes and cars", says Kannyn Macrae, Director of Product Development and Marketing at TYLT. He adds. "If it's in your car, home or on your person it shouldn't look cheep, perform poorly or be a complete nuisance".

When asked why he thinks CES finds TYLT products innovative he states, "TYLT set out to have design and innovation as the goal of each new product and to create products that would redefine, or T-IL-T, the norm. The household electrical cord has remained the same basic form factor for 100 years now. Car chargers have evolved little since their proliferation. The Y-CHARGE, along with the BAND, represent the largest leap of form and fit evolution in this category. They bring bringing greater appeal to consumers, 'making-over' a somewhat functional category. Performance is a must but cool still rules. I suspect CES is recognizing our products as a paradigm shift; an overdue evolutionary T-I-L-T in what we now call the 'electrical cord' or the 'cable'. We don't claim to be revolutionary. We do endeavor to drive evolution, to take the next step, to take something common and make it extraordinary."