TYLT Secures Game-Changing Patent Ahead of the 2014 International CES

TYLT has been granted a patent for a portable wall charger containing a battery and USB charging port

2014 International CES

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TYLT, a leader in redefining mobile accessories, today announced that it has been granted a patent for a portable wall charger that contains a battery and USB charging port. This patent is used in TYLT's award-winning Energi Travel Charger series of products, which are debuting at the 2014 International CES (booths 30906 & 5225) this week.

Patent 8,487,476 was issued in July 2013 and provides a unique way for users to charge their devices. All of the products in TYLT's new Energi Travel Charger line include foldable AC prongs and USB ports, which enable users to charge both their battery and phone at the same time. When users need to charge on the go, they can simply unplug the charging device and take a charged battery with them.

Rami Rostami, CEO of TYLT, said: "We have been fine-tuning this technology for some time and are very excited about the new Energi product lineup. We're looking forward to debuting these products at the 2014 CES."

TYLT's Energi Travel Charger line includes the Energi 3K (3,000mAh) with a built-in micro USB arm and the Energi 3K+ (3,000mAh) with a built-in Apple Lightning charging arm. Both the 3K and 3K+ also include an additional USB port and two amp circuit to charge two devices simultaneously. Packed with power and only two inches wide by three inches tall and less than one inch thick, the Energi 2K (2,200mAh) will charge almost any device fully with its universal USB port. The Energi Travel Chargers are available in blue, gray, black, green and red.

TYLT will be exhibiting its new products on the CES show floor from January 7-10 at booth 30906 in the main entrance to South Hall 3 and booth 5225 in the North Hall iLounge. For more information, visit www.tylt.com.

About TYLT
TYLT lives at the forefront of innovation in mobile accessories, empowering users to redefine, or tilt, the norm. Since introducing their highly stylized wireless accessory line at the 2012 CES, TYLT has signed distribution partnerships worldwide in more than 75 countries and continues to create sophisticated technology using innovative design. Soon to be based in 50,000 square feet of prime Southern California real estate, TYLT's current product offerings include: charging devices, audio accessories and protective cases. For more information, visit www.tylt.com.

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