January 5, 2016

TYLT Unveils Powerful New Battery Packs & Qi Wireless Chargers at CES 2016

The company continues to embrace the industry’s most cutting-edge technologies with its new VÜ 2.0, VÜ SOLO 2.0, Turbo Portable Chargers and Turbo Smart Chargers.

LAS VEGAS, January 5, 2016-TYLT, a global leader in wireless charging and portable power, today unveiled several new products, including Qi chargers, battery packs and smart chargers, at the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show (booth #30800 - LVCC, South Hall 3). Additionally, the company is showcasing its CES Innovation Awards Honoree product, the new ENERGI Desktop Charging Station. This marks the fifth consecutive year the company has won this prestigious award.

Kannyn MacRae, Vice President of Product Management & Marketing at TYLT, said: “Since TYLT was founded in 2011, we’ve made it a priority to deliver products that provide added convenience and power to our users. These new products debuting at CES do just that, with wireless charging that’s 3X faster than before, more powerful portable batteries, and the adoption of industry-leading technologies like Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 and USB-C.”

ENERGI Desktop Charging Station ($79.99)
The ENERGI Desktop Charging Station charges five devices at once using SmartDetect ports, which provide the maximum charging rate a phone or tablet will accept. Four rapid charging 2.4A USB ports enable users to charge their devices twice as fast as standard wall chargers. An additional 1A port doubles as a removable, rechargeable 3,200mAh battery pack. With a built-in cable management system, this compact charging station only uses one outlet but provides 50W maximum power. Photos | Spec Sheet

Since launching the VÜ Wireless Charger in 2013, TYLT has served as a leader in Qi wireless charging. Now, with the introduction of the VÜ 2.0 and VÜ SOLO 2.0, the company has set a new standard

VU 2.0 Wireless Charger ($79.99)
The VÜ 2.0 boasts a 15W output for 3X faster charging than the pre-2015 standard; a premium aluminum base that enables users to adjust the angle of the stand to fit their needs; and a three-coil system that means you never have to worry about aligning your device to initiate charging - just drop and go. Photos | Spec Sheet

VU SOLO 2.0 Wireless Charger ($49.99)
Perfect for travel or wireless desktop charging, the VÜ SOLO 2.0 charges 3X faster than traditional Qi chargers with a 15W output. The sliding alignment feature ensures your device is always perfectly positioned on the charging coil. Use the VÜ SOLO 2.0 as a flat pad or stand it upright for easy viewing Photos | Spec Sheet

For portable power on the go, TYLT launched its most powerful batteries and chargers to date: Turbo Portable Batteries and Turbo Smart Chargers. With the ability to power smartphones, tablets and, for the first time in the history of TYLT, laptops (that support USB-C charging), the new batteries keep even the most power-hungry gadgets fully charged.

TURBO Portable Batteries ($29.99 - $89.99)
With capacities ranging from 5,200mAh to 20,800mAh, TYLT has brought technology back to portable batteries with this new product line. The 10X Turbo Portable Battery has a 50W output and supports both Type C Power Delivery (PD) and Quick Charge 2.0. It can be recharged in just five hours using TYLT’s DualFuel™ Technology, which allows users to plug into both the Type C port and the micro-USB port for charging. Capable of charging 75% faster than traditional 1A chargers, the Turbo Portable Chargers are compact, yet incredibly powerful. (All Portable Batteries meet UL safety standards.) Photos | Spec Sheet

TURBO Smart Chargers ($39.99 - $99.99)
With the ability to power laptops that support USB-C connector charging, TYLT’s Turbo Smart Charger is the company’s most powerful 2-in-1 wall charger and portable battery to date. With a 13,400mAh internal battery, QuickCharge 2.0 integration, one USB Type-C port, one 2.4A USB Type-A port, a built-in micro-USB or Lightning cable and collapsible AC prongs, the Turbo Smart Charger combines the industry’s most innovative technologies into one compact device. Thanks to TYLT’s PowerProng Technology, fully charging the battery takes only two and a half hours, and with the ability to provide up to 45W of power, it’s the perfect accessory for even the most power-hungry smartphones, tablets and laptops. (All Smart Chargers meet UL and CTIA safety standards.)Photos | Spec Sheet

TYLT is also showcasing the new ENERGI+ Backpack 2.0, USB-C RIBBN & USB-C Y-CHARGE Car Chargers alongside its most popular flagship products. For a hands-on look at TYLT’s complete lineup, visit booth #30800, LVCC, South Hall 3 at CES 2016 January 6-9.

About TYLT

A global leader in innovative wireless charging and portable power solutions, TYLT creates high-quality, well-designed technology accessories that redefine, or “tilt,” the norm. Since introducing its stylized line of mobile accessories at the 2012 International CES, TYLT has been named a CES Innovation Awards Honoree five years in a row, garnered thousands of positive reviews from consumers and reporters, and signed distribution partnerships in over 100 countries worldwide, solidifying the company as an industry leader. TYLT’s beautifully designed accessories, which include wireless chargers, power cases and portable battery packs, have reinvented on-the-go charging by offering users added flexibility and convenience. For more information, visit https://www.tylt.com/.

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