TYLT Secures Patent and Industry Awards for New Portable Batteries and Chargers

New Energi Travel Charger and Energi Portable Power Lines represent the future of charging on the go.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 11, 2014

TYLT, a leader in redefining smartphone accessories, today announced it has secured a patent and several industry awards for its new line of portable batteries and chargers, which debuted at the 2014 International CES last month.

TYLT's patent (no. 8,487,476) is for 2-in-1 wall chargers that contain both an internal battery and USB charging port. Utilizing this patent, TYLT introduced its new Energi Travel Charger Line, all of which feature foldable AC prongs and built-in batteries to double as both wall chargers and portable batteries. The line includes three models:

• Energi 3K+: 3,000mAh, built-in Apple-approved Lightning charging arm, USB port, 2 amp circuit
• Energi 3K: 3,000mAh, built-in micro-USB arm, USB port, 2 amp circuit
• Energi 2K: 2,200mAh, universal USB port, 1 amp circuit

The Energi 2K and 3K Travel Chargers were both named Best of Show Finalists by iLounge, and the Energi 2K Travel Charger was also named one of Travel + Leisure's Best New Travel Gadgets for 2014.

In addition, TYLT debuted its new Energi Portable Power Line at CES 2014, which features six varieties of portable battery packs:

• Energi 2K: 2,000mAh, 1 built-in USB port
• Energi 3K: 3,000mAH, 1 built-in USB port, embedded micro-USB cable
• Energi 3K+: 3,000mAH, 1 built-in USB port, embedded Lightning cable
• Energi 5K: 5,200mAH, 1 built-in USB port, embedded micro-USB cable
• Energi 5K+: 5,200mAH, 1 built-in USB port, embedded Lightning and micro-USB cables
• Energi 10K: 10,400mAh, 3 built-in USB ports, which can charge up to 3 devices at once

The Energi 5K Battery Pack was included in iPhone Life Magazine's Best of CES 2014, while the Energi 5K+ Battery Pack was named a Digital Trends Best of CES 2014 Award Finalist.

This year's awards went beyond just batteries. TYLT's shockproof PILLO cases, which feature nostalgic and vintage-looking designs, were included in CNET's Best New iPhone 5/5S Cases at CES 2014. The VU Wireless Charger, one of TYLT's most popular products, and ALIN Screen Protector, which comes with a special alignment tool, were both named International CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Awards Honorees. Finally, TYLT was awarded a 2013 GOOD DESIGN Award for its innovative packaging.

For more information and highlights from CES 2014, visit https://www.tylt.com/ces-2014/.

About TYLT
TYLT lives at the forefront of innovation in mobile accessories, empowering users to redefine, or tilt, the norm. Since introducing their highly stylized wireless accessory line at the 2012 CES, TYLT has signed distribution partnerships worldwide in more than 75 countries and continues to create sophisticated technology using innovative design. Soon to be based in 50,000 square feet of prime Southern California real estate, TYLT's current product offerings include charging devices, audio accessories and protective cases. For more information, visit https://www.tylt.com/.