TYLT Expanding Distribution In Europe


August 24, 2012 Berlin, Germany

TYLT, a California design and development company, debuted their highly stylized hand-held accessories line at CES 2012 and will be introducing their edgy, high-end product line-up at the Pepcom Digital Focus pre-IFA press event in Berlin on August 31, 2012.

The line, including their attention grabbing "Band" car charger, has received accolades in discerning consumer markets including Germany and Japan. The BAND's futuristic silicone unibody ribbon design will juice-up two of your devices twice as fast as your old tangled-up car charger. "Consumers are weary of low grade, slow charging accessories and tangled wires that detract from their techno-bliss, from their personal style and from the caché of their device", says Kannyn Macrae, VP of Product Development at TYLT. "Performance is a must but cool still rules", he adds. "If it's in your car or on your person it shouldn't look cheep, perform poorly or be a complete nuisance." Finally, some original style and no more fumbling with tangled wires.

Multi-language versions are in production and shipping to International markets in December 2012. European distribution partnerships have yet to be finalized or announced.

Pres Contact: kernan.mccoy@TYLT.com