Power Dock

Power Dock

With TYLT’s portable power products, it’s sorta like being a bit of a superhero. You will indeed be that powerful – from docks to backpacks and more, you and your devices can flex your muscles wherever you happen to find yourself.
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Power Docks 

Portable power banks already make your life better by providing travel-ready power no matter where you are—TYLT’s power docks take it even further. Providing mobile-friendly power away and at the outlet, our power docks offer a convenient, sleek, and ultra-portable solution for keeping your battery banks primed from sun up to sundown. Ditch the wall charger and give your portable battery the home it deserves with our custom-fit power docking station.

Twice the Power, Half the Time

Need a power dock for multiple devices? TYLT has you covered. We offer power docks with single or double capacity, enabling you to reenergize up your favorite portable charger lightning-quick. Why juggle between batteries or risk running out of the house with a dead battery when you can supercharge all your devices simultaneously?

Form Factor for Frequent Flyers

Juggling power banks and chargers just got a whole lot easier with our power docks. Conveniently sized and easily stored in carry-on luggage, our power docks have the power and form factor you need to make your next trip even more supercharged than the last. Zip in and out of your hotel room with our drop-and-charge model, getting you on your way faster and delivering you from the tangled mire of cables.

Never Miss Your Moment

Your battery banks and battery phone cases keep your phone and digital cameras ready, but if your portable batteries don’t have the juice you need, you could miss out on those perfect snapshots of your share-ready lunch. Vacation destinations were meant to be shared and flaunted, so make sure you’re never caught without a power bank to back up your envy-inspiring photography.

Become the Office Hero 

Don your superhero cape and save the day in the office without sacrificing your own power by keeping our sleek dock at your desk. The next time you see a coworker searching for a charger, provide them with your energy-smart portable battery pack and then drop it back into your power dock to have a full bank by the time you clock out. Why wait? Order your heroic mobile charging supplies today.