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for the
One Tree Planted and Tylt cares logos
You have helped us plant over 6000 trees!
Sustainability is important to us and our partnership with One Tree Planted ensures that TYLT will plant a minimum of 250 Trees per month. Let’s stand together in these great efforts and make a difference.
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We Plant.

Every TYLT product you buy goes towards
helping reforestation efforts across the world.
We plant 5 healthy acres of trees every month.
our trees produce 125,000 lbs of oxygen every month
Clean Air
our trees absorb 9400+ lbs of CO2 from the atmosphere every month

sustain forested areas that are home to 70% of the worlds plants and animals

our trees filter 7.2 million gallons of water every month
Our trees reduce surface area temperture by 20°-45° F cooler in the shaded areas

11x the amount of trees used for our packaging