Car Products

Car Products

Much business gets done in the car. You like to stay accessible when you’re on the road, and, of course, we’d like you to stay safe. TYLT’s range of car charging, mount, and cable products can turn every excursion into a power trip.

Car Products

You likely spend a large portion of your day traveling in the car, and technology is an important piece of your daily activities. However, keeping your phone accessible and available while driving can pose many safety risks. No need to worry, as several car products on the market can allow you to keep necessary information available while remaining safe on the road.

Maximize Your Car’s Power

The media on your phone significantly reduces boredom on long trips, and maps help you get easily from one location to the next. At the same time, these applications on your phone can quickly drain your battery life leaving you without access to important information. Phone chargers specifically designed for use in the car can regularly save you significant hassle while on the road. Our wide selection of options easily fit your needs, and some provide more than one charging port for your passengers as well. We even have *wireless options to create a sleeker easier look, and many options can charge more than just your phone. (*Not all phones support wireless charging).

Chargers aren’t the only important product for your vehicle. Auxiliary cables allow you to hook your phone up to your car’s speakers, so you can listen to music and audio books or more clearly hear directions from your phone. Mounts additionally improve access to your phone, as they allow you to quickly glance toward the screen and make selections without fully removing your eyes from the road. Quickly skip through songs or reroute directions without becoming a danger on the road.

Car/Travel Options For Your Phone

We have a range of options to help you maximize the technology for your car. Technology is essential to your daily interactions and travel. Having the right tools for your vehicle can help you more easily navigate your day. Shop around to find the products that make your life just a little bit easier.