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Cables & Accessories

Pick a port, any port, and TYLT has a sturdy, durable cable that suits your purposes. Because there’s nothing more annoying than digging through your current bag of old cables and realizing that nothing fits.
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Without cables, your devices wouldn’t even exist. They are the heart of working technology as they connect your device to everything it needs. However, cables come with significant annoyance, and there is nothing worse than sorting through your cables to discover that you can’t find exactly what you need to get the job done, and going to the store to purchase the right cable can be frustrating. We can help with a wide selection of cables and clear descriptions to help you find the right fit.

What Is Available?

Cables come in all shapes and sizes, micro-USB, lightning or type C to work with different devices. All of these are available, but it is also important to investigate what you need from both sides of the cable . Because different devices need specific cables cords, the number of cables in your home can quickly pile up and become particularly unsightly. However, some cords offer dual connectors, allowing you to switch between connection types. Therefore, you can significantly reduce the number of cords lying around the house.

Auxiliary cords, while not necessary to your phone’s functioning, can be extremely beneficial. They allow you to connect a devices audio to another device. This is particularly beneficial when attaching to your speakers for improved sound. Auxiliary cables are an essential for any car, as they provide greater access to music and other media while on the go. These cables allow you to hook up any of your devices from computers to cell phones.

Remember that not all cables are created equal. If you are using a Quick Charge device, ensure that the cable you choose can support Quick Charge technology. New Tylt cables are also data cables, which do support Quick Charge.

Find What You Are Looking For

With our extensive selection, you can find exactly what you are looking for. Easily browse and filter products to help you quickly get to what you need without extensive hassle. Shop the many options available, so you never have to be lost without a cord again.