Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers

You want to keep your music crisp, and you want to clearly hear everything discussion you’re in. TYLT’s audio products keep you plugged in, and the sound strong.

Bluetooth Speakers

Your ability to enjoy music has just stepped up a notch. Bluetooth speakers allow you to listen to all your favorite songs without the hassle and mess of wires, and TYLT offers speakers with unmatched power and quality. Could you ask for more? Try convenience for that answer. The Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker is easily brought along on any adventure due to its small size, and in no way sacrifices sound quality for that convenience. In fact, bring three or four along, each one lasts four hours before it needs to be recharged again, so you can revel in your own private dance party for longer.

Keep the fun lasting all night by throwing in a portable power bank , so you can keep your portable speakers going.

If you need to pack light, check out one of our power bags. The perfect place to keep your wireless speaker and keep it charged at the same time, the charging backpack is designed with a battery included which has built-in batteries and a diverse range of USB ports so you can charge your phone and other devices simultaneously.

Multi-Task with ease

Sometimes business must interrupt pleasure. Our small outdoor wifi speakers come equipped with a built-in microphone so you can answer that important call when it comes in. Need directions or a quick answer to a pressing question? The built-in microphone allows you to talk to your device’s assistant too, without having to switch out of Bluetooth mode.

You can’t beat the sharp sound and convenience of one our speakers. Order one or more today and see what all the hype is about.