Standard chargers can be useful, however, in reality, having to juggle between multiple battery chargers can be a headache. As mobile devices such as tablets, phones, and computers surge in popularity, the need for universal electronics batteries surges as well. Unlike standard chargers, which only work with a single type of device, universal batteries are external and capable of charging a wide variety of devices.

The Benefits of Universal Batteries

Universal battery packs remove the need for a wall outlet or USB port. When a user needs to charge a device (or several devices) they can take advantage of the USB lightning port built into their universal battery pack. Wireless battery packs employ the same type of technology as traditional battery packs, but as their name suggests, they do not require an outlet connection. These battery packs are an excellent choice for travelers and individuals on the go. Batteries have a tendency to become hot as they charge devices. For this reason, the lithium-ion battery pack you purchase will more than likely come equipped with a temperature gauge. This gauge will prevent your universal battery from overheating and becoming a fire hazard, and the vast majority of batteries will automatically shut off before they can overheat.

Finding the Right Universal Battery

Finding the best universal batteries on the market does not have to be a difficult task. When shopping for a universal battery for your devices, keep the following in mind:

  • Most universal batteries have one of two amperage levels – 1A and 2.1A.
  • Batteries with 2.1A ports charge faster and are better for individuals with multiple devices.
  • Higher capacity universal batteries tend to be heavier, but they carry longer charges.

When searching for the right universal battery, it is important to take your personal needs, as well as the specifications and battery life of your devices into consideration. Portable power chargers can greatly simplify the life of anyone with multiple electronic devices. Contact TYLT today to learn more about the various types of power chargers.