The Wi-Fi only iPad saves you some precious cash upfront and is just fine for traveling as long as you prepare. Whether you’re going on a fun vacation or a business trip, your iPad with Wi-Fi only can be the perfect travel companion. Here’s how to get the most out of your iPad air Wi-Fi cellular.

1. Download movies and music before you go.

Don’t get stuck without Wi-Fi on a long car trip. An Internet connection isn’t even guaranteed on planes. For these situations, you’ll want to download all your entertainment beforehand. You can download certain movies, shows, and videos from Netflix, Amazon Video (with a Prime membership), and YouTube Red. And, of course, you can buy and download anything from the iTunes store to enjoy later.

2. View cities offline in Google Maps.

Did you know Google Maps allows you to download geographic areas to use them offline? If you’ll be using your iPad for navigation purposes, this will come in handy. Just look up the area you’ll be traveling to, tap the three dots, tap “Download offline area,” tap “Download,” and tap “Save.” You don’t need an iPad with cellular to use Google Maps!

3. Get useful accessories.

A portable power pack will keep your iPad and other devices alive when the battery starts to drain. You may also want to invest in a protective case if you don’t have one already. Don’t forget about keeping your phones charged too! TYLT has a variety of iPhone 6s phone cases and rechargeable phone cases to keep your devices going strong.

Your iPad is lighter than a laptop with an impressive battery life. The vast screen is perfect for watching videos or doing some work on-the-go. If you follow these three tips, your Wi-Fi only iPad will be ready to entertain and assist you on your travels. Get one of our power packs to ensure your iOS devices stay alive throughout your entire journey.