Have you stumbled across a YouTube video that you just can’t stop watching? You don’t have to use up your data or connect to the WiFi every time you want to see it again. Here is the short and sweet guide on how to download a YouTube video directly to your device so you can watch your favorite feline acrobatics whenever you feel like it.

1. Find an App

There are multiple apps and sites available that let you download YouTube videos for free. Plug “Free YouTube Downloader” into your favorite search engine and scroll through the results. There will be several available, but your best bet is to find one that has positive reviews from previous users. That way, you know you are using quality software.

2. Download Videos

Once you have found an app you are comfortable using, it is time to get started. While the specifics may vary between apps, you can conduct most downloads using the following process: Open downloader site or app Select YouTube video hyperlink Insert the hyperlink into the text field of the downloader site or app Select desired video quality Click the “Download” button

3. Watch and Share

Once you have finished with your YouTube free download, you can kick back and enjoy. If you are in a sharing mood, pull out your Bluetooth mini speakers and crank up the volume. Remember, downloaded videos may use up a significant amount of memory, so you should be selective about what you save to your device.

4. Keep the Party Going

You do not want your phone to run out of juice while you are downloading or watching your videos.

TYLT offers some of the best portable chargers available, which means it is easier than ever for you to add to your video library no matter where you are. Contact us to learn more about our lineup of innovative products.