Stop getting put on hold or listening to recorded messages when you need to order takeout. Use one of these top-rated apps to order food online and have it delivered to your door quickly.

1. Grubhub

You can save locations you frequently have food delivered to by using this app, making the process of ordering even faster.

2. Seamless

This app provides you with special in-app discounts so you can save both time and money.

3. UberEats

While a separate app from Uber, UberEats similarly provides you with electronic payments and estimated times of delivery.

4. Doordash

This app will recommend top local restaurants based on scores from other customers.


Think beyond food, this app will get your groceries or even your laundry delivered to your door.

6. Postmates

Whether you need alcohol, a dvd or a box of diapers delivered, this app allows you to have just about anything dropped off at your door.

7. goPuff

Need a phone charger? Toilet Paper? A vaporizer? This app acts like an internet convenience store to provide you with just about anything you need.

8. Foodler

When you order food with this app, you can pay using the electronic currency Bitcoin. It also allows you to earn free meals through its rewards program.

9. Yelp

Eat 24 Because it uses years of extensive customer reviews to rate restaurants, this app can really help you find the best local food.

10. OrderUp

This app can get food delivered even from restaurants that claim not to deliver food and isn’t exclusive to larger cities.

When you need to get food delivered, using food ordering apps can make the process smooth and easy. Make charging your cell phone even simpler with a Samsung phone case charger or an iPhone phone case charger from TYLT. Contact us for assistance completing your order today.