There is nothing more relaxing than watching the latest season of "Stranger Things" or your favorite movie on Netflix. It's even more relaxing if you watch it in bed with your iPad. Check out this guide to doing just that.

Netflix Features on iPads

Your Netflix iPad will work running iOS 5.0 or higher. The app supports iPad streaming of up to 720p on 7.0 or higher. If your iPad has a retina display, it will support streaming of up to 1080p. The app allows you to download some titles so that you can watch Netflix offline on the iPad. Certain iPads also allow for picture-in-picture displays so that you can use Netflix and other apps at the same time.

How to Set Up Netflix on Your iPad

Setting up Netflix on your iPad is quite easy. Open the app store and tap on the search function. Type "Netflix" into the search bar. Select the option for Netflix, Inc. After you're on the Netflix, Inc. screen, tap on the Cloud icon. After the application is done installing, tap the icon on the home screen and enter your Netflix login information. Tap the "sign in" option and start watching your favorite shows.

Choosing the Right Accessories

Of course, to get the most out Netflix, you need to do more than watch movies on the iPad. You need to turn it into an experience. Accessories can help you do that. Nobody wants to hold their iPad and listen to low-fi sound during their show or movie. You can purchase a stand to hold your device for you, leaving your hands free to grab your snacks. Bluetooth speakers or headphones make the sound better. Now, you just need more battery life. A power bag works as a mobile charging station so that you can keep your iPad charged no matter where you are.

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