You’re just about to shoot a video or make a call and…you get that dreaded warning about low battery life. Although it’s a common problem for many smartphone users, it is one that you can easily rectify. Before you run low on juice again, try these five pointers to boost your battery life.

1. Turn Down Your Screen’s Brightness

Your phone’s screen consumes a lot of energy, so adjusting the brightness slider downward can cut back on some of the power drain. With this minor change, you can slice its battery usage by between 30 and 50 percent.

2. Rethink Your Streaming Habits

No one says you must quit streaming media altogether. However, streaming music over a wi-fi connect consumes double the battery power than playing it from your device’s on-board memory. If you’ve got some go-to favorite songs, download and spin these tunes directly from your smartphone’s hard drive.

3. Install an Ad-Blocking App

Website ads also suck up a lot of juice when you’re browsing on mobile. Fight back by downloading an ad-blocker. For many platforms and phone models, you can reduce the power drain by up to half.

4. Keep a Leash on Your Email

Push technologies let your email apps retrieve messages the instant you receive them, but the constant updates can be a notorious power hog. Disable your email’s push settings, and configure it to check on a regular schedule instead.

5. Disable Wireless When Reception Is Poor

When you’re not getting good reception, your phone will suck up more power by repeatedly searching for a strong signal. Since you can’t really use your phone in those conditions, just turn off its wireless functions until you can get decent signal.

Extending your smartphone’s battery life can be done through some simple steps, and most of these just involve a quick change in your settings. Remember that TYLT stocks a wide range of great power gear for your devices, so shop our website or contact us for more information.