‘Tis the season for outdoor fun at swimming pools. Most of us bring our mobile phones with us everywhere. You want a convenient way to take summer pictures and shoot videos that will bring back hot memories of summer adventures when the days grow shorter. Swimming pools, however, are dangerous places for mobile phones. You can minimize risks with common sense and good advice. Here are five tips to protecting your cell phone by the pool.

Protect on the Cheap

Think creatively, and protect your phone with something you probably already have around the house. The next time you are poolside, slip your phone, case and all, into a clear plastic bag that zips closed.

Be Cool

Your mobile phone, like all electronic devices, can only take so much heat. Keep your phone out of direct sunlight, in the shade and physically covered. Should your phone overheat, you might see a message or it may just turn itself off. Handheld fans can help cool your phone off if it does overheat.

Plug It

A dust plug is a great way to protect your phone from airborne particles such as sand and dust. The plug fits snugly into the earphone jack, and it will not fall out. This is an affordable but effective option.

Stay Safe

Be mindful of where your phone is when you are poolside. For example, do not leave it lying on a table where food and drinks are being consumed. Doing so makes your phone vulnerable to spills and even to being knocked off onto hard cement or tiled surfaces.

Hide It

If you plan to leave your mobile phone to enjoy a swim, find someone who will watch it while you are gone. If that is not possible, find a good hiding place for it. For example, clean out a snack container and slip your phone into it.

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