It’s easier now than ever before to maximize your wireless devices’ capabilities while traveling. However, you need the right mix of equipment to pull it off successfully. For laptops, smartphones, tablets and other portable gear, make sure you carry these powerful products to make the most of your wireless usage on the road.

1. Pack Your Spare Cables

Any wireless device owner knows the frustrating and hassle of having cables break. You can avoid the headaches by including spares when getting ready for the road. Reversible charge and sync cables ensure your smartphone or tablet stays powered up and let you sync data whenever you need it. Stash some of these away as an extra insurance policy when you’re on the move.

2. Be Prepared With Extra Chargers

Power can easily come at a premium when you’re on the move, so staying equipped with extra gear is wise. Keep an additional charger on hand for each device, in case you break or lose the original. Don’t forget about Qi products, which use inductive charging to wirelessly replenish your batteries. Another advantage is that these chargers can juice up all your Qi-compatible equipment without lugging around more cables.

3. Try Portable Power Accessories

It’s also prudent to invest in a portable power pack or smart charger. Depending on the model you select, you’ll get between one and three extra full charges for your device. An ENERGI Pro Backpack is great for multi-device travelers, outfitted with a mobile charging station and room for stashing your gear. A sliding power case also keeps more juice right at your fingertips, fabricated with a removal sleeve containing a built-in surplus battery.

Power and battery life are both a big deal when you’re traveling with smartphones, tablets, phablets and laptops. TYLT carries the perfect cables, chargers and portable power accessories to fit your wireless lifestyle. Contact us today or shop our online store of innovative products for every user.