Wherever your day takes you, you probably use a smartphone navigation app to get you there. Not everyone is satisfied with iPhone’s native Apple Maps navigation system and so a variety of third-party apps have been developed to help people get more from their phone. The best navigation app is a matter of personal taste in many ways; however, we think that you will enjoy these five apps selected by the TYLT team.


Finally, Waze put crowd-sourced data to a great use. Instead of using historical data to predict traffic conditions on various roads, Waze depends on information sent by users to display real-time, changing traffic conditions. This lets you plot a new course with accurate data instead of relying on a system’s best guess.

Google Maps

The granddaddy of great navigation apps, Google Maps is still the app preferred by many people. Easy to use and intuitive, it also boasts features like the transit filter so you can see where to connect with the next train, bus, or ferry.

CoPilot GPS

Generally speaking, navigation apps require an internet connection to work; this is certainly the case for Apple Maps. CoPilot GPS is great for people who drive outside of internet range, including areas such as:

  • • National parks
  • • Rural counties
  • • Small towns
  • • Backcountry

This offline app is ideal for many drivers; however, to get the full-featured version you will need to upgrade from the free edition.


Finally, a navigation app developed especially for non-drivers! Whether you bike, walk, or take public transportation, Transit will help you safely get where you are going. Step-by-step navigation has made this a favorite of people who explore the city on foot.


A user-friendly navigation app with 2D and 3D map views. This app also displays genuine road sign graphics to make navigation even simpler. This is great for novice navigators and people who are uncomfortable with the standard 2D maps displayed on most navigation apps.

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