It’s been over a month since the flashy iPhone X was released, which means the honeymoon stage is likely nearing its end.. The iPhone X is undoubtedly the most innovative smartphone put out by Apple to date and gives us a peek into the future of iOS devices, but are we still in love with it? We collected our thoughts in an iPhone X review to help you determine whether you should make the upgrade.

The Camera Is Incredible

In recent years, competitors like Google and Samsung have had some of the best cameras that smartphones have to offer. With the iPhone X, Apple put the competition to rest. This phone captures eye-popping and vivid photos. It even performs well in low-light environments by preserving color and detail. If you want to step up the quality of your Instagram feed, the iPhone X will get you there.

It Has an Impressive Battery Life

You might think the smaller size of the phone will sacrifice some battery capacity ,but this isn’t the case as the battery life actually lasts slightly longer than the iPhone 8 Plus. This is just one of the many highlights regarding the iPhone X specifications. All of this being said, no smartphone is immune from losing battery, especially if you are constantly streaming music, watching videos, or traveling. That is why we recommend supplying your phone with a iPhone X wireless charger, iPhone charger case, or a Flipstick portable power pack.

However, There Is a Learning Curve

After Apple made the controversial move to get rid of the headphone jack last year, it took another interesting step by removing the home button. Instead of touching a physical button, now you have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Another significant change that will take some time getting used to, is the way in which users take screenshots and force restarts. This learning curve shouldn’t be a deal breaker, but it is certainly something to keep in mind.

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