While you’re thinking about getting an iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus, you may have a few questions or concerns about these new devices. One of the iPhone 8 specifications you may have some concerns about is its appearance. Aesthetics are always important when getting a new iPhone. You may be surprised to know that the iPhone 8 only comes in three colors–Silver, Space Grey, and Gold. Unfortunately, Rose Gold and Jet Black will no longer be offered.

But if you’re an indecisive person, even choosing between three colors can be a difficult task. To help you decide, we’ve taken a look at all the benefits of iPhone 8 colors.

1. Silver

If you’re a fan of a versatile and mainstream look, this may be the color for you. The back features a durable silver color that is great at hiding scratches. The front of the Silver iPhone is white, which hides fingerprints and makes reading or browsing websites easier. This is a great color if you’re into using a variety of phone cases.

2. Space Grey

Do you prefer having a stealthy phone with a black front plate? If so, you’ll want to go with Space Grey. Not only does it have a more understated appearance, but the black color is perfect if you watch a lot of movies or videos on your phone. If you’re an avid video-watcher, you’ll probably need a portable charger for the iPhone 8, too.

3. Gold

If you were in love with the Rose Gold color for the iPhone 7, then you’re not completely out of luck. The Gold version of the iPhone 8 has a champagne glow to it that gives a nod to the beloved Rose Gold. This color is a great option if you want something that looks luxurious.

Whatever color you decide to get, make sure you have all of your iPhone 8 accessories from TYLT, especially if you want to bring your phone to its fullest potential. Check our selection of wireless chargers for iPhones and more.