Most people carry their personal electronic devices with them everywhere they go; you probably do, too. Whether it is your phone, tablet, or music player that goes with you throughout each day, you need to make sure that it stays charged and ready to use. Whatever you like to do with your time, you want to feel confident that your devices have all the power they need. Day hikes, mountain biking, and other outdoor activities can be made less stressful with the help of great charging backpacks like those from TYLT. These are just five important reasons to keep your charging backpack on hand during your next hike.

1. It’s Handy in Emergencies

No one wants to find themselves in trouble on the trail, but accidents happen. Use that full battery charge to contact other members in your party to come get you.

2. Prevent Battery Drain

There are some tasks that cause battery power to drain, including:

  • • Searching for signal
  • • Finding and losing signals repeatedly
  • • Taking lots of photos
  • • Taking video
  • After a few hours on the trail you might find yourself with a low battery alert. Recover power with the help of a charging backpack.

    3. You Will Have Power for Photos and Videos

    Capturing photos and video can be a surprising drain on battery power. Document your hiking adventures from start to finish by recharging periodically.

    4. Your Friends Will Thank You

    You can be the one that comes to the rescue with the means to recharge a flagging phone or fading music player. It always pays to be prepared.

    5. You Will Still Have Power When You Get Home

    There can be nothing more irritating than getting home after a long trip only to have to plug your phone in for several hours. Keep your phone’s battery full by charging it on the trail or on the way home.

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