While Apple has most certainly outdone itself when it comes to the creation of the iPhone, their smartphone innovation is not without its shortcomings. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus both have great battery life, but you might desire a few more hours before you have to pull out the charger. Thankfully, there are a few tips you can put to good use to extend the life of your iPhone.

Switch Off the Raise to Wake Feature

While being able to wake up your phone just by lifting it up is a great feature, it’s also one that results in high energy consumption for the “Home & Lock Screen” in the battery menu. If you don’t mind manually waking up your phone only when you actually need to, you’ll be better off disabling this particular feature.

Switch on Night Shift and Low Power Modes

Apple’s iPhone developers want you to get as much battery life out of your phone as possible, which is why you have the Night Shift and Low Power modes in your phone. Maximize your battery by using the two in conjunction. Not only do you save power, you also don’t have to worry about blinding yourself when you turn on a bright phone screen in a dark environment.

Decide Which Notifications to Push

Rather than have all your apps send push notifications to your lock screen, decide which are the most essential or desirable and switch off the rest. Not only will you not feel so tethered to your phone, you’ll be able to easily check the notifications you do want because you’ll have a longer battery life.

Stop Force Closing Your Apps

It’s easy to think you’re doing better by your battery life when you force close apps, but you’re actually doing the opposite. The reason for this is you’re making your phone use more energy whenever you reopen an app you previously closed. Think of it this way: you might like to keep your coffee table as clutter-free as possible, which is why you keep the book you’re reading on your bedroom nightstand rather than the table. It takes more time and energy to get up and go to your room to retrieve the book each time you want to dive back in it than it does to just keep the book within easy reach on the table.

These are just a few ways to improve the battery life on your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. For even more useful tips, TYLT is always here to help.