Smart phones, and iPhones in particular, are indispensable pieces of personal technology that people of all ages rely on every day. Not only do they help people stay in touch with friends, family, and the workplace they also offer creative means of expressions for artists. Great camera apps can turn even those of us that cannot draw a stick figure into a documentarian. Whether you snap pics to share your outfit of the day or your favorite wilderness getaway, these are five apps that you should know about.

ProCam 3

This is the app that any aspiring photographer or video maker should know about. It provides video resolution adjustments that are easier to use than trying to change iPhone’s default settings. The option to change aspect ratios on photos is also very helpful.

Camera +

A standby of novice photographers, this app gives you plenty of tools without overwhelming you with technicalities. It has a robust assortment of features including a separate exposure button – a must for learning photography fundamentals.


This app takes photography to another level with sophisticated controls and a great HDR mode. Other features include:

  • • Real-time zoom
  • • Upscale images
  • • Low-light mode


If you love taking photos and video to share with friends, then VSCO is going to become your favorite new app. Designed for easy integration with social media, VSCO also boasts its own great community of users.


Make the most of your iPhone’s camera with this feature-packed app. Not only can you easily control tone mapping and those vital exposure adjustments, you can also work with a number of preset filters. Easy digital cropping, zooming, and captioning tools are also included. This photo app also includes a timer!

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