If you just got an iPhone X, congratulations! Get ready to enjoy one of the most beautiful and powerful smartphones on the market. At this point, you may be wondering, “What apps should I download for iPhone X?” After all, you need to take advantage of your phone’s full potential. That stunning display and powerful processor shouldn’t go to waste! To help you fill your powerhouse of a phone up with the best tools, we’ve picked our favorite new applications for iPhone.

Best Apps for iPhone X

Halide: Take better photos with this app’s pro camera capabilities.
Holo: Play around with Apple’s augmented reality by putting tigers anywhere.
Netflix: Watch your favorite shows or movies fullscreen or letterboxed.
Pocket: Save articles and videos to read and watch later–no Wi-Fi needed.
Google Maps: Get where you need to go with this alternative to Apple’s Maps.
Yahoo! Weather: Check your forecast and view stunning photos of each location. While you’re at it, check out our whole list of best weather apps for iPhone.
HQ Trivia: Ever wanted to be on a gameshow? Well, now you can play for real money twice a day with this entertaining mobile trivia game.
VSCO: Take your photo editing and sharing to the next level with this useful and visually appealing app.
YouTube: Don’t forget to watch your favorite videos on your stunning new screen.
Lyft: Need a ride? Try this popular alternative Uber app.

It’s hard to narrow the best apps down to only 10, but these are our best suggestions. From chart-toppers to lesser-known software, we hope you find apps you love through this list.

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