When you purchase a new smartphone, or tablet, you want access to all of the features that device has without worrying about battery life. If you’re traveling for the holiday season or your schedule is changing for other reasons, you might need some help keeping those features ready to go. TYLT’s new Slim Pack LED is a robust portable battery that can help keep you plugged into the tech you love. It also includes some new features that you’ll wish all your portable batteries had.

Portable Battery Pack

The Slim Pack LED Portable Power Pack delivers up to three charges for your smartphone and other mobile devices, making it the perfect take-along for both quick trips and extended stays. Similar in size to an iPod, this battery pack is just 2.8 inches wide, 5 inches tall, and about ½ inch thick. Its lightweight design and small size make it extremely portable and an easy item to slip into a bag or pocket when you’re on the go.

Don’t let its size fool you; there’s plenty of power in this 6000mAh battery. When you plug in your devices, this little dynamo goes to work; it senses power needs and delivers rapid charging capabilities that minimize downtime. It also features two universal USB ports so you can charge two devices at once.

Recharge Your Battery Pack

This rechargeable internal battery pack features an innovative design with a unique LED number readout so you can easily check the remaining battery life in the Slim Pack. Another handy feature is Smart Detect™ technology, which identifies your device’s charging protocol and enables it to charge at full speed.

At TYLT, we offer a variety of portable charging options to fit your devices and your lifestyle, like this battery pack with charger. Browse our selection of car products, wireless chargers and power cases for yourself and for anyone on your holiday gift list.