The Restrictions function on your iPhone can keep children from accessing certain apps. If you forgot your Restrictions passcode on your iPhone, these steps can teach you not only how to reset your restrictions passcode, but also how to reset your restrictions passcode without a restore.

1. Use iTunes to Back up Your iPhone

-Connect your iPhone to a computer
-Open iTunes
-Choose the phone icon towards the top
-Find the backups option
-Click This Computer
-Ensure the Encrypt iPhone Backup box is unchecked
-Select Back Up Now

2. Download iTunes Backup Manager

-Type into your browser
-Download the Mac or PC version based on your needs
-Ensure you pick iBackupBot instead of iCopyBot
-Open the downloaded file
-Install the program to the Applications folder if using a Mac
-Open iBackupBot to automatically load necessary backup information
-Ignore any error messages by clicking OK

3. Find the Code You Need

-After your information loads, the folder for your iPhone will appear towards the top
-Click on that folder
-Choose the Systems Files folder
-Pick the HomeDomain folder
-Select the Library folder
-Go to Preferences
-Type into the search bar
-Hit the enter button on the computer keyboard
-Click on the option
-When the pop up asks you to provide your registration information, click the OK button twice and then the Cancel button
-The information required should appear

4. Open the iOS7hash website

-In a new tab on your browser, type in
-In iBackupBot, copy the code listed under Restrictions Password Key
-Paste the code into the space provided on the iOS7hash webpage
-Repeat this step for the code under the Restrictions Password Salt
-On the iOS7hash website, keep 0000 as the Starting Passcode and 9999 as the Ending Passcode
-Click the Search For Code button
-A window will automatically appear with your Restrictions password after the program figures it out

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