Have you ever been on a long flight and wished you could watch your favorite Netflix shows or movies? Airplane mode sure can be a drag. But thanks to Netflix’s new offline storage feature, you don’t have to pay for in-flight entertainment. You can now watch Netflix offline on iPad, iPhone, or iPod. Here’s our guide to downloading Netflix content to your iPhone to watch whenever you please, even when you’re not connected to the Internet.

How to Watch Netflix Offline on iPhone

Before you start, make sure you accomplish these tasks before you head out on your trip while you’re connected to the Internet.

-Download or update your Netflix app.
-Tap the menu button on the left side of the app.
-Choose “Available for Download.”
-Browse everything that’s available for offline storage.
-Download any shows or films you want by tapping the download icon. Depending on what you’re downloading, it could take some time.
-Whatever you download will show up in the “My Downloads” section of the Netflix menu. The blue phone icons indicate what you saved to view offline.
-Make sure your phone doesn’t die mid-flight by using a wireless portable phone charger or a carry-on backpack that charges a phone. Netflix drains your battery up fast.
-Get some earbuds or headphones to keep your Netflix viewing to yourself.
Keep in mind that not all content on Netflix is available for offline viewing. Only the media with a down-facing arrow next to it can be downloaded.

How to Download Netflix Shows on Mac

If you’re wondering if the same offline viewing capability is possible on your Mac computer, unfortunately, it isn’t. Netflix hasn’t released an app for Macs yet, but maybe this will be possible someday!

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