Since most people look at their phones almost constantly, what better way to keep your finances on your mind than by having financial apps on your iPhone? Here are the top apps you can use to manage your money responsibly.

1. You Need a Budget:

Get Help With Your Debt When you need some help living within your means, this is arguably the best budget app for you. The accountability feature keeps you in check and using it consistently can keep you disciplined to pay down your debt.

2. Mint:

Manage Your Money Like a Professional In addition to providing you with professional tools to track your spending and create a budget, this app also gives you a free credit score. Many people consider this the best money management app available.

3. Acorns:

Invest Your Change Simply connect credit cards to the app and every time you make a purchase on those cards the app will round the purchase up to the next dollar and invest the change for you in exchange-traded funds.

4. Wally:

Track Your Expenses Say goodbye to manually logging all your expenses at the end of each day. Just take a picture of your receipts at you get them and this app will do the work for you.

5. PocketGuard:

Predict Your Financial Future By tracking your previous spending habits, this app will tell you how much you can spend and still have enough to cover your bills.

6. Wallet:

Deal With International Currencies Because it supports international currencies, this app will come in handy for anyone who travels or does business in multiple countries.

7. Dollarbird:

Budget as a Team When you need to collaborate on a budget with family members or coworkers, this calendar-centric app allows you to create multiple budgets and share them interactively with other people.

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