Your toddler’s education doesn’t have to stop at preschool or kindergarten. There are numerous educational apps for toddlers to keep your child learning at home or on-the-go. But with so many different apps to choose from, which ones should you get? Here is our list of the 5 best iPhone apps for kids.

1. Elmo Loves 123s

Help your toddler learn how to count with this Sesame Street-themed app! With this app, Elmo helps your child identify numbers, count, and even do basic math.

2. Disney Story Central

It can be hard to get your little tot to go to sleep, but Disney Story Central makes it a lot easier. This app contains various e-books to help your kid get in the mood to sleep. There are multiple books to choose from that feature the best Disney characters, including Doc McStuffins, the princesses, and–of course–Mickey Mouse himself.

3. AlphaTots Alphabet

This app will make your toddler enjoy learning his or her ABCs. Your child will learn to associate letters of the alphabet with various sounds such as “zap” for Z and “dig” for D. There are a lot of puzzles, mini-games, interactive tools, and sing-a-longs to keep your kid entertained and educated.

4. Toddler Flashcards

Your child can easily learn the names of objects, animals, foods and more with this flashcard app. There are also animal sounds and spoken audio to help!

5. Busy Shapes

Help your toddler learn how to solve puzzles and learn shapes with this app. Kids will stay preoccupied by choosing simple shapes and placing them in the correct areas.

We hope you enjoy these educational apps for iPhone that can help educate your toddler. Here at TYLT, we want you to keep your child busy and learning without your battery draining. Get a new wireless charger for iPhone or browse our iPhone 8 cables to keep your phone powered up.