Are you ready for the latest installation of the Apple iPhone? Pre-orders for the new iPhone X begin on October 27, but is it worth it at nearly $1,000 a pop? Only you can decide if these awesome new iPhone X specs make the price worth it for you.


Who says Apple's TrueDepth camera system can only be used for artsy Instagram photos? Chances are one of the most popular new features on the mobile device will be its camera-based animojis. There's no need to scroll through dozens of emojis to find the right one anymore. Instead, you can choose a character and the emoji will animate based on your facial expression. All it takes are a few 3D sensors to create animojis.

Faster and More Convenient Charging

One of the biggest changes Apple has made is iPhone wireless charging. An iPhone X wireless charger allows you to grab power when you need it, without worrying about tethering to an electrical outlet. The system uses Qi wireless charging, which can be used at home but is also expected to be available in hundreds of public places over the next few years.

Better Rear Camera Options

Charging isn’t the only part of the iPhone to get an upgrade. The latest rear camera leaves almost nothing to be desired. Professional and amateur phone photographers alike will enjoy new features like an improved portrait mode with portrait lighting options, deeper pixels and more stable videos. The rear camera itself is larger and faster, offering a whopping 12 megapixels, and features vertically-aligned dual lenses.

Sleeker Design

If you thought the iPhone design couldn’t get any sleeker, you were wrong. The iPhone X features a stainless steel frame with a glass front and back. The modern design features an edge-to-edge screen that uses some of the most durable glass on the market. The phone also has an oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprint residue and smudging.