You tried to hide an alert and accidentally deleted an important text message. Is it gone forever? Not to worry, there are three methods you can use to recover iPhone messages.

1. Use iCloud Backup

-If you have iCloud Backup activated and it has been doing regular updates, this is the simplest method for recovering deleted texts.
-On your iPhone, go to the Settings app
-Select the Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes and App Store option Choose the iCloud option
-Scroll down to find the iCloud Drive function and make sure it is green and turned on
-Go back to the Settings home screen and choose the General option
-Scroll down until you see the Resent option at the bottom
-Select Erase All Contents And Settings
-When the reset is complete, you will automatically be asked to restore the iPhone using the iCloud Backup
-Select Restore From iCloud Backup to recover all the information on your iPhone when the backup was completed

2. Recover Texts With iTunes Backup

This method requires a bit more work, especially if you are unfamiliar with iTunes.

-Before plugging your phone into a computer, open iTunes
-Select the Edit option
-Choose Preferences
-Click on Devices
-Find the option to Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from Automatically Syncing
-Ensure the box is checked
-Click Ok
-Reset your iPhone as previously described
-Connect your iPhone to the computer
-Choose your iPhone from the menu
-Find the Summary section
-Select Restore Backup
-Don’t update your iPhone if prompted, select Download Only

3. Find a Third Party App

When you need to know how to retrieve deleted texts on your iPhone and you’re having difficulty with the first two methods, there are third party apps available. Some of these apps such as Tenorshare can help you recover data when your iPhone is in recovery mode.

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