Apple is at it again. You can begin pre-ordering the iPhone X, which has a price point starting at $999, on October 27. Check out these iPhone X specs to decide if it’s the right choice for you.

It’s All About Glass

If you decide to jump aboard the iPhone X release, you may want to invest in some soft cleaning cloths. The newest version of the popular mobile device is glass on both the front and the back. The all-glass design has some people extra worried about dropping their new phone, but Apple claims the glass is more durable than any other type ever used in a smartphone. Even so, it wouldn't hurt to buy an ultra-protective case.

Facial Recognition

Whether you store a lot of classified work-related information on your phone or you simply want your kids to stop stealing it to take selfies, Apple's new facial recognition algorithm is something many people are excited for in the newest iPhone coming out. The iPhone X will scan your face using infrared, neural networks and a dot projector. These new cameras create a mathematical model of your face and will even change as your face changes over time.

Changes in the Battery

Perhaps some of the most notable changes are the lack of cords. The iPhone X will use Qi wireless charging, which means users will spend less time tethered to a wall and more time using their phones on the go. Of course, they'll probably want to purchase an extra iPhone X wireless charger. Even with the lack of cords, Apple expects its latest smartphone to have an average of two more hours of battery life than the iPhone 7.