Let’s be honest: some people are just too cool for one Instagram account! Whether you need to have separate personal accounts for business and pleasure or multiple Instagram accounts for friends and family, here’s how to create additional accounts in only three steps.

1. Go to Settings

After signing in to your Instagram profile, choose the settings icon in the upper right. This icon usually looks like a gear similar to the settings icons on most apps and accounts so it’s easy to identify.

2. Pick Add Account

Find and choose the Add Account option near the bottom of the drop down list. How many accounts can you have on Instagram, you ask? Up to five! That’s a lot to keep up with. You can add them all at once, or as needed if you start a new business or pick up a new hobby. Instagram has a fun feature that lets you switch between your accounts without having to sign out and in each time.

3. Enter Login Information

Create a new username and password for your new account and you’re good to go. Keep in mind you’ll need a different email address for each account, so you may want to write down all your email and password combinations somewhere safe so you don’t get them confused.

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