Netflix for the iPhone is great, but don't you wish you could do more with it? With these tricks, now you can.

1. Check Out Flixable

The Netflix app looks nice, but it lags. Use Flixable to quickly and effectively search for new shows and movies to watch.

2. Get Better Speakers

Listening to an action movie through the meager speaker leaves a lot to be desired. Create a bigger impact by purchasing some high-quality wireless Bluetooth speakers.

3. Download What You're Watching

Some of the titles on your Netflix streaming list are available for download. Watch your favorite show even when you're not on Wi-Fi. Find the downloadable titles in your settings menu.

4. Watch Something Random

Be brave. Play Netflix Roulette. The website chooses something random for you to watch. Narrow your search by rating, keyword, or director.

5. Keep your Device Charged

How often have you been totally into your movie only to realize your battery is about to die? A rechargeable backpack keeps your battery life going no matter where you are.

6. Adjust Streaming Settings

Slower internet connections and older iOS versions work better at slower bit rates. The lower the setting, the faster your show loads.

7. Save Your Data

Head to the settings for your Netflix app to change your data usage. Decide whether you can only watch when using Wi-Fi or choose how many hours to watch per gigabyte.

8. Refine Your Suggestions

Remember that awful movie you watched that Netflix is basing all its suggestions on now? Head to your activity menu and delete it from your viewing history to stop the recommendations.

9. Get a Rabbit

Download the app to get even more out of Netflix for your iPhone. Use the account to connect with friends or strangers around the world and watch shows together in real time.

10. Sign Out

If you've shared your account information and constantly see that too many people are watching, sign everyone out. Just head to your settings and choose to sign out of all devices.

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