Whether you're heading to the Bahamas or backpacking across Europe, you'll need two things: a portable charger and the best travel apps for the iPhone. Here’s a roundup of our favorites.

1. Grab

When you're in a hurry in the airport, you need to find food fast. Use Grab to order in advance so you can, well, grab it and go. It currently serves nearly 200 eateries.

2. Day Use

When you have an hours-long layover, Day Use helps you book short-term hotels so that you can shower and nap. Book for up to 75 percent off regular rates at more than 3,000 hotels.

3. Sidekix

In urban locations, use Sidekix to help you find the best walking routes. They may not be the shortest, but you'll find trendy restaurants and uber-hip art galleries along the way.

4. Maven

If you prefer to drive, try Maven. The app helps you book short-term car rentals (think hours, not days) for as little as $8 per hour.

5. Binaural

Use repetitive beats from Binaural to help you reset your clock and get rid of jet lag. It also reduces anxiety and improves focus.

6. Geosure

Stay safe while you're on the move. Geosure tracks environmental threats, political threats, health risks, and crime rates using crowd-sourced information about the area.

7. AirHelp

AirHelp helps you save money, so it's easy to see why it's one of the best travel apps for the iPhone. Use it to get paid for your delayed, overbooked, or canceled flights. The average reimbursement is more than $500.

8. PlanChat

PlanChat is an excellent trip planner app for groups. Use it to create itineraries, track expenses, and even share photos and videos.

9. Hotels.com

Find the best deals on hotels while you're on the go. Hotels.com also provides concierge services alongside Groupon, Uber, and other businesses.

10. SoloTraveller

SoloTraveller helps you find company when you're on the road alone. Use it to connect with other solo travelers so that you can sightsee, dine, or rideshare together.

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