If you’re starting to lose steam on those New Year’s resolutions, you do not have to give up the ghost. These habit forming apps can help you keep chasing your goals when your motivation is slipping.

1. Productive

If you want to track multiple behaviors at once, this might be the best habit tracking app for you. You can access visual representations of any streaks you manage to develop.

2. Habitica

Designed to resemble a video game, this app features personalized avatars that level up when you meet the benchmarks you set.

3. Habitshare

You and you and your friends can use Habitshare to keep each other accountable to your goals.

4. Streaks

This productive habits and daily goals tracker organizes your achievements into 12-day increments.

5. Simple Habit Tracker

If you know you need direction but don’t know where to start, this app comes programmed with over 200 habits you can select.

6. HabitBull

You can merge your data from this app with GoogleFit, making it easy to monitor your goals across multiple disciplines.

7. Way of Life

With this app, you can: export your habit data to a CSV or Excel file track more goals over longer periods of time share progress on social media

8. Persistence

Persistence conceptualizes your goals as targets that you are either on-or-off-track to meet.

9. Morning Routine Habit Planner

This iOS device helps you meet a series of daily goals, one at a time. If one of your goals is to hit the pavement for a morning run, then check the forecast before you leave using one of the best weather apps for iPhone.

10. Done

Done is highly customizable and lets you post multiple daily entries for each habit.

As you pursue your goals, document your progress with one of these camera apps for iPhone, and make sure you have a portable charger from TYLT to keep your habit tracker accessible at all times. Contact us for more information on our line of portable power products.