With a phone as amazing as the iPhone 7, you’ll want to take photos with it everywhere you go, including underwater. But before you try to get iPhone 7 underwater photos, it’s crucial to follow a few tips so you don’t end up with a damaged phone or a camera roll full of blurry pictures.

iPhone Underwater Photography Tips

1. Get a waterproof case: You may have heard that the iPhone 7 is water-resistant, which is true. However, water-resistant is different than waterproof. Get a fully waterproof case to protect your phone underwater.
2. Charge it up: Taking pictures uses up a lot of battery, so make sure your phone is fully charged before you dive in. Try a portable wireless charger for iPhone for easy charging on-the-go.
3. Prepare your settings: It’s virtually impossible to use the touchscreen when you’re underwater, so you’ll want to open the camera app before you go under. You’ll also want to use the volume keys to snap your shots.
4. Use burst mode: Keep the volume key held down to take multiple pictures to make sure you get at least one good shot.
5. Pay attention to lighting: The best time to take pictures underwater is when the sun is at its highest point, between 11 A.M. and 1 P.M.
6. Try clip-on lenses: Consider adding a fisheye or wide angle lens to get cool underwater photos.
7. Test different apps: Check out our list of best camera apps for iPhone and tinker with them.
8. Shoot at eye level: The best shots will be at the same level as your subject, not straight down from the surface.
9. Stabilize your phone: Lock your arms as much as possible or get a selfie stick to get stable pictures.
10. Practice a lot: The more you shoot underwater with your phone, the better you’ll get!

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