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ENERGI+ Backpack
with Built-in Battery
  • Charge your devices 4x with built-in rechargeable battery
  • Charges up to 3 devices simultaneously
  • Dedicated compartment for both laptops and tablets
  • Fly-through friendly. No need to remove your laptop
  • Excess padding on the back for extreme comfort
Free Ground Shipping for US Customers
  Slidign Design image
Slidign Design image
Massive Battery Pack
10,400mAh battery pack will change your devices 4x over*. Simultaneously charge your tablets, mobile phones and devices rapidly with it's 4.2A output. Recharge the battery pack with any standard micro-USB connector.
Cable Pass Thru
Designed to keep your cables neat as you direct them to any pocket you want to charge in. You can even direct the cable out of the bag to walk and charge at the same time.
Slidign Design image
Slidign Design image
TSA Friendly
Pass through airport security with a breeze. With the friendly fly-through design, you can leave your laptop in your backpack.
Dedicated easy-access hard shell pocket to protect fragile items such as your sunglasses and sensitive electronic devices.
Slidign Design image
Slidign Design image
Trolly Pocket
Travel like a pro with the Slide Pocket. The ENERGI+ Backpack slides onto the handle of any luggage making it roll right along with you. The slide pocket is as big as the bag itself, making it extremely snug and stable.
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The removable 10,400mAh rechargeable Lithium Ion battery provides up to 4 full smartphone charges or 1 full tablet charge. With over 1,450 cubic inches of internal space and 13 total pockets, it's designed to stand up when put on the ground and it's built with the finest materials available. For the true traveler there is a trolley pocket hidden in the backpack panel, a headphone carrying compartment on the backpack strap and a full length zipper pocket right on the front of the bag for airline tickets and passports.

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Input Voltage: 5V 2Amp (Micro USB)
Output Chargin Current: 4.75V - 5.25V - 4.1Amp
Lithium Charge Time: 10,400mAh
Battery Charge Time: 7 - 8 Hourse
1Amp USB Ports: Two (2) for chargin phones
2.1Amp USB Ports: One (1) for charging tablets
Backpack Specs
1680D Poly Material Front Panel
900D Poly Material Sides & Bottom
Fly-through Friendly
Brushed Metal Zippers
Laptop compartment will accommodate laptops up to 15.5in x 10.5in x 1.5in
NFC Tag in Shoulder Strap
Recharges via any USB Port
110 Cubic in. See-through Accessory Bag included
Package Contents
ENERGI+ Backpack
Rechargeable 10,400mAh Battery Pack
Zippered Accessory Bag
2 Micro-USB Charging Cables
1 Micro-USB/Charge-and-Sync Combo Cable for Apple 30-pin devices
Use Guide
Compatible Devices Built-In With VÜ Mate
Nexus 6 X
Sony Xperia Z3v X
Lumia 930 X
Galaxy Note 4 X
Galaxy S 5 X
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